Huck of the Irish IV

**** Bid process CLOSED! ****

October 7-8, 2017 ~~ South Bend, IN

Notre Dame Ultimate is excited to host the 4th annual Huck of the Irish. Formerly known as Whitesmoke, Notre Dame Ultimate’s fall tournament has been a midwest classic for many years!

Conveniently located in the center of the country, South Bend boasts beautiful weather during the summer and early fall months. The winter, however, begins early and lasts forever, so this tournament takes place early in the fall to guarantee gorgeous weather. Help us celebrate these last few gorgeous weeks!

Huck of the Irish is an intense but fun tournament – great for playing some solid ultimate while introducing your rookies to the game. Splitting teams X/Y is highly encouraged so that all of the newer players can learn as much as possible and see what the sport is all about. Come on over and join us for a weekend of fun under the sun!

Field Address:

Tournament Twitter:

Bid Fee:

  • $375 for one team
  • $650 for two teams

Your bid fee covers:

  • Two days of great, well-organized Ultimate
  • Beautiful Fields
  • Multiple trainers
  • Tournament food including bagels, peanut butter, nutella, granola bars, and more!
  • Awesome Huck of the Irish tournament merchandise