Interested in playing in ultimate? Not sure exactly what ultimate is? Well, this will hopefully answer these (and any other questions you may have).

What’s ND Ultimate?

Ultimate is a club sport at Notre Dame. The teams represent the University at intercollegiate competitions around the country. These competitions are regulated by USA Ultimate. You can find out more about them at http://www.usaultimate.org/

Is ND Ultimate co-ed?

At Notre Dame, men and women compete on separate teams. Notre Dame has four different ultimate teams: women’s A and B teams and men’s A and B teams. Although they play on different teams, the men and women of ND Ultimate travel together to tournaments and hang out outside of practices.

How competitive are the teams? 

ND Ultimate has a long history of success. Since being founded in 1991, the A teams have consistently appeared at regional and national levels. However, if you’re looking something less intense, you might want to consider the B teams. While still maintaining competitive play, the B teams enjoy a much more relaxed, fun atmosphere.

Wow, what if I suck?

You probably don’t. Come out to practice even if you’ve never heard of the sport! The team will gladly teach you the fundamentals of the game. So come on out, and even bring a friend (or five).

Sweet! I’m sold! When and where are practices? 

For Fall 2017:


Tuesdays 5-7 on Ricci 4 (grass field at Stepan)
Thursdays 7-9 on Ricci 2 (one of the turf fields at Stepan)


Mondays 5-7 on Ricci 4 (grass field at Stepan)
Thursdays 7-9 on Ricci 2 (one of the turf fields at Stepan)

If you’d like to know any more information, feel free to email one of the captains. Email addresses can be found on the Contact Us page.

Sounds great! But what if I miss the first practice?

No worries! Just contact the captains and come whenever you can.