What do they say about us?

“100% the best cross team support men/women I’ve ever seen at the college level.” -Katie Raynolds

“Some have argued that the NDultimate fans are the best sideline support a team could ever desire.” -Fulcrum Media Group

“They are awesome. I would find out what field they were on and when it seemed like they were about to score, I’d run over to watch the celebration.” -Random guy on another team

“I’ve never seen a program so bonded. That’s why with Tally Classic we always want the men’s and women’s divisions to be at the same field site if possible. Notre Dame and Auburn are the two who stand out to me in this area.” -Kristin Lloyd Tweet

“The spirit and jovial nature of their men’s and women’s teams playing and supporting each other equally gives a real sense of companionship and presents a really inviting team culture.” -Ultiworld

“An army of over 50 ultimate players, all clad in cotton sleeveless camouflage t-shirts, cheered and appeared to enact some sort of tribal dance involving plastic oars and an inflatable pool raft. No team cam even remotely close to being as loud as they were in that moment.” -Ultiworld

“All the weirdos who go to Notre Dame play ultimate.” -SintheFields

“Shoutout to the whole Notre Dame program, men’s and women’s team just doing a great job of bringing insane weirdness and spirit in the right direction regardless of the level of play they’re at.” -SintheFields

“Notre Dame’s (Twitter) account also highlights one of the university’s most famous attributes: their hype.” -Ultiworld

“Their mental game is one of a kind. We’ve all seen teams dance desperately during halftimes to drag their spirits out of their loss, fighting to rally. Notre Dame is always just dancing. They dance during their warmup, they sing loudly, and they smile constantly.” -Ultiworld